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Serving Bemidji and the surrounding area

Appraising all types of homes and land in the area.

Innovative technology meets home value

At Appraisal Associates NC Inc. our appraiser is dedicated to producing high quality appraisal reports that continuously prove accurate and efficient.  

Through the utilization of state of the art technology we create reports that are easy to read and understand by just about anyone.

Pricing an appraisal is dependent on several factors.

Lot size and square footage are two things that play an integral role. At Appraisal Associates NC Inc. we provide competitive fees for appraisals within our community.



Exceptional software allows me  to build efficient and timely reports.

Innovative solutions for residential home appraisals.

Call today and take advantage of quality appraisals.



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Vacant Land Appraisals

The appraiser must consider the highest and best use for the land to help determine value.


Top view of agricultural land